BAKU: Kamal Abdullah: NK Armenians fear of meetings with Azerbaijani

APA, Azerbaijan
Feb 18 2012

Kamal Abdullah: `Armenian community of Nagorno Karabakh fears of
perspectives of meetings with Azerbaijani community’

[ 18 Feb 2012 14:36 ]
Baku. Parvin Abbasov – APA. Armenian community of Nagorno Karabakh
avoids the meeting with Azerbaijani community.

I think they fear of perspectives of these negotiations, because
Armenians saw the current political, economical and moral situation of
Azerbaijan as a result of these relations and while comparing it with
current situation of Armenia they didn’t find an encouraging thing.
That’s why Armenian community avoids the contacts with Azerbaijani
community, member of the Public Union of `Azerbaijani Community of
Nagorno Karabakh’, rector of the Baku Slavic University Kamal Abdullah
told the journalists, APA reports. He said that finally Azerbaijan was
destined to live in neighborhood with them: `That’s why the steps
toward the settlement of relations must be continued. We took the
first step and they must continue it. But they didn’t continue and
unfortunately avoid taking relevant steps.’

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