Armenia seeks Karabakh’s international recognition – Deputy Speaker

Armenia seeks Karabakh’s international recognition – Deputy Parliament Speaker
February 18, 2012 | 16:15

STEPANAKERT. – Armenia seeks Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’s (NKR)
international recognition, Armenian National Assembly (NA) Deputy
Speaker Eduard Sharmazanov stated Saturday during official closing of
the international conference, entitled `20th Anniversary of NKR
Independence: Realities and Prospects,’ which was held in NKR capital,

Sharmazanov also added: `If Armenia’s unilateral recognition [of NKR]
helps this process, we would do that; but everything will be done in
its time.’

To note, the two-day conference brought together political scientists
and representatives of political organizations from Armenia and NKR,
and analysts from Great Britain, Greece, and the Netherlands. An
Armenian NA delegation, led by NA Deputy Speaker Eduard Sharmazanov,
attended the conference, too. The discussants examined the legal
bases for NKR’s declaration, and its historical and political

The event was organized by NKR State Commission for the Organization
and Coordination of the 20th Anniversary Celebrations for the
Declaration of NKR’s Independence, with the participation of the
Center for the Constitutional Law of Armenia and the Political Science
Association of Armenia. And Armenian was the information
partner of the conference.

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