Legally Speaking, Karabakh Was Never Part Of Azerbaijan – Analyst

February 17, 2012 | 17:01

STEPANAKERT. – Azerbaijan never had an effective full sovereignty over
Nagorno Karabakh, and, furthermore, legally speaking, Karabakh was
never a part of Azerbaijan, International Law expert Shahen Avagyan
said during the international symposium, entitled “20th Anniversary of
[Nagorno-Karabakh Republic] NKR Independence: Realities and Prospects,”
being held in NKR capital, Stepanakert.

Avagyan also introduced a series of international documents that
attest to the legality of this provision.

“Pursuant to international laws, Nagorno-Karabakh is considered a
disputed territory at the very least, whereas numerous resolutions
present it as a separate factor,” the analyst noted.

In his words, Karabakh has three branches of power, which function
effectively, and all the national symbols.

Shahen Avagyan also noted that there are three principles at the
basis of the conflict settlement talks: territorial integrity,
self-determination of people, and non-use of force or threat of force.

And with these principles, Karabakh has a full right to independence.

The analyst also maintained that there are many legal grounds to prove
Karabakh’s independence, but, sadly, they are not being made use of.

From: A. Papazian

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