"Sardarapat" Movement To Create Alternative Power In Armenia


Friday, January 27, 14:35

“Sardarapat” movement is going to create an alternative power in
Armenia, a member of “Sardarapat” initiative group, Karabakh war hero,
Jirayr Sefilyan, told journalists today.

“Establishment of the normal atmosphere in the country, of the true
but not visual democracy is not possible by means of the parliamentary
election which will be held in May…The jerk out from the present
slumpy situation in the political field, the society and the republic
in general is possible if first the dictatorship regime is overthrown.

Then a short-term transitional preparatory stage is necessary, and
only after that holding of free elections will be possible in Armenia”,
– he said.

He also added that undoubtedly “Sardarapat” will participate in
such elections. He categorically refuses to participate in the
performance “which will be held in Armenia in May”. Sefilyan said
that “Sardarapat” is not going to boycott the election. As for the
refusal, its reason is that they understand that it is impossible to
reach the systemized changes in Armenia through classical political
ways. “While the opposition and pro-power political forces have been
preparing to the May performance, our movement has been forming an
alternative power. We are going to present our conception of the
alternative power as well as its staff in the near future. The rest
political forces including the opposition ones, which are going to
participate in the forthcoming election, have nothing else than do
it. In such a way these puppet forces are supporting the present
regime and legitimize its reproduction”, – Sefilyan concluded.

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