Istanbul: Novelist Pamuk Denies Relationship With Figekci, Warns Her


Today’s Zaman
Jan 24 2012

Turkey’s Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk has denied he is in a romantic
relationship with artist Karolin FiÅ~_ekci, sending her a formal
notification through his lawyer that he would file a legal complaint
if she does not stop her public remarks suggesting that she is the
novelist’s girlfriend.

FiÅ~_ekci, a Turkish Armenian painter, was photographed with Pamuk
two months ago at a shopping mall in New York, sparking widespread
speculations in the Turkish media that Pamuk broke up with Indian
writer Kiran Desai and is now together with FiÅ~_ekci.

The 32-year-old painter then has made numerous statements to the
Turkish media confirming the reports and said Pamuk’s relationship
with Desai had ended and that they are mere business associates now.

Pamuk’s lawyer Haluk Ä°nancı said in a formal notification addressing
FiÅ~_ekci that Pamuk last saw FiÅ~_ekci at a mall in New York two
months ago and that he has had no contact with her since. “FiÅ~_ekci is
not my client’s girlfriend,” Ä°nancı said. Ä°nancı said FiÅ~_ekci’s
statements describing Pamuk’s relationship with Desai as a business
relation was “untrue.”

Ä°nancı said FiÅ~_ekci’s statements were an insult to Pamuk’s
privacy and against not only morality but also laws. “My client has
not authorized anyone to speak on his behalf. It seems FiÅ~_ekci
is not aware that she is committing a crime while violating Pamuk’s
privacy,” he said, warning that FiÅ~_ekci will face a legal complaint
and a compensation request if she does not stop her statements.

From: A. Papazian

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