Human Rights Watch Criticizes Georgian And Armenian Authorities


Vestnik Kavkaza
Jan 23 2012

The Human Rights Watch organization has published its annual report
on violations of human rights around the world.

In its report the organization stated that “the Georgian government
uses the Code of Administrative Offenses to lock up protestors
and activists at times of political tension. The code allows for a
person to be imprisoned for up to 90 days for certain minor offenses,
but lacks due process and a fair trial required by international
law. The government used excessive force to disperse anti-government
protests in Tbilisi, the capital, in May, and prosecuted dozens of
demonstrators in these administrative trials, failing to fully respect
their due process rights. The authorities also failed to effectively
investigate past instances of excessive use of force. Other concerns
include restrictions on the media and on freedom of association,
as well as forced evictions of internally displaced persons.”

This is what the organization has published on its official website
() about Armenia: “More than three years after
street clashes between police and opposition protesters turned
deadly, meaningful accountability for the excessive use of force
by law enforcement remains remote. Armenia decriminalized libel in
May 2010, but amendments to the civil code introduced high monetary
fines for libel and led to an increase in lawsuits against newspapers,
particularly by public officials. In some cases the excessive damages
awarded by courts threaten the survival of newspapers. Authorities
continue to restrict freedom of assembly. Torture and ill-treatment in
police custody persist, and the government has failed to effectively
investigate a troubling number of deaths in custody, as well as
non-combat deaths in the military.”

From: A. Papazian

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