I Am Armenian, Do You Have Anything To Say?


January 19, 2012 | 13:13

ISTANBUL. – In response to racist online comments against Armenians,
well-known Turkish journalist and host of CNN Turk television’s
“Neutral Zone” program, Ahmet Hakan, said “I am Armenian, do you have
anything to say?” on live broadcast.

The Turkish journalist noted he is shocked that people are still making
online criticisms that Turkish youth are being tried for the murder
of Hrant Dink, the founder and former chief editor of Istanbul’s Agos
Armenian weekly, who was killed in 2007. “In those discussions I said
the ‘We are all Armenians’ slogan, and I was astonished by the gross
reactions. I saw that people still consider that being Armenian is
a profanity and an insult. I told them I will say I am Armenian on
live air. They asked me whether I could say I am a Turk in [Armenia’s
capital] Yerevan. If I cannot say I am a Turk in Yerevan, this would
be Yerevan’s shame, but if I [can] say I am Armenian in Istanbul,
this would be Istanbul’s honor,” Ahmet Hakan stated.

And the Turkish journalist carried out his promise and said “I am
Armenian, do you have anything to say?” on live television, after
which he received numerous Twitter messages praising him.

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