BAKU: ‘Turkey will be near Azerbaijan in case of war in Karabakh’, Azerbaijan
Jan 7 2012

‘Turkey will be near Azerbaijan in case of war in Karabakh’
Sat 07 January 2012 05:34 GMT | 7:34 Local Time

Military option might be applied if the Karabakh issue is not solved
in a peaceful way.
The statement came from Turkish MP from Istanbul Ali Ozgunduz while
explaining his opinion that Turkey will be near Azerbaijan if the war
is unleashed in Karabakh, Gun.Az reports.

‘When Azerbaijan launches military operation to liberate the occupied
territories, Turkey will be near Azerbaijan and no one should doubt
it. I would like to add that the Karabakh issue cannot be deferred for
too long and it will find its settlement sooner or later. As long as
the conflict is protracted, many other problems can occur in the
region’, Ozgunduz said.

The MP said that Turkey will always support Azerbaijan and never leave
it alone in the battlefield.

‘Today Armenia should duly analyze the situation in the region and
understant that in case of war, Armenia’s economy and the whole
infrastructure may perish. Armenian politicians should perceive it
well’, the MP stressed.


From: A. Papazian

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