Speaker’s New Year and Holy Nativity congratulatory address

National Assembly of RA , Armenia

Dec 30 2011

RA National Assembly Speaker’s New Year and Holy Nativity congratulatory address

The RA NA Speaker Samvel Nikoyan has delivered a New Year and Holy
Nativity congratulatory address, where it says:

`Dear Compatriots,

We will soon as usual bid farewell to this year: a year, which has
been symbolic for us. Together we celebrated the 20th anniversary of
the Independence of the Republic of Armenia this year. The Armenian
parliament also had its significant contribution to the all-national
struggle for Independence and today also it continues its active
participation in the country’s progress and strengthening.

The world has continued sticking to exponential changes in the passing
year. As a direct and indirect participant in the world activities we
couldn’t stand apart from this all and strived to overcome collisions
of various political and economic interests with possible few losses.

Naturally, not all the expectations or not everybody’s expectations
have been realized, but Armenia has been able without shocks to resist
the world challenges, which exist even now and dictate us to remain
alert and intensify the country’s economic strength and further rise
its political weight. The steps of country’s authorities, including
the draft laws and decisions made by the National Assembly, are aimed
at this.

Dear Compatriots,

The changing world makes us undertake more flexible actions and more
promptly respond to situations. The passing year has been active
enough for the parliamentary diplomacy. The delegations of the
National Assembly actively and efficiently participated in the works
of international structures.

The year was rather eventful also in terms of mutual visits both at
the level of parliamentary speakers and parliamentary friendship
groups. As a result of those mutual visits our positions in the
international structures are becoming more comprehensible and

Dear Compatriots,

The coming 2012 year is a year of elections. Irrespective of our
political adherence the overall aim should be the same: in the
conditions of peace and stability the building of the strong country
and prosperous society through general efforts and for all of us.

Certainly, we expect new success and accomplishments in every new
year. But the New Year doesn’t bring success by itself, if we don’t
seek for that success through our work. By bidding farewell to the
passing year, it is necessary to assess the things done or failed to
be done and enter the next year with more wisdom, evaluating what
should have been done that is not done yet and what has been done that
shouldn’t have been done at all.

Dear Compatriots,

Cordially congratulating the coming New Year and Holy Nativity, I wish
everybody fulfillment of expectations and desires, success, peace,
happiness and welfare to your families.

Happy New Year and Holy Nativity!’


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