Annual Consul’s Silicon Valley Reception: A New Event To Appreciate

By Gourgen Khazhakian


On December 17, 2011 a special event sponsored by Consul General
of the RA in Los Angeles and the ArmTech Congress was held at San
Jose Fairmont Hotel, which, due to its success, is expected to be
repeated every December in the Bay Area under the name of Annual
Consul’s Silicon Valley Reception. As Tony Moroyan , the Event Master
of Ceremonies, Co-Founder of the ArmTech Congress and Chairman of
the Yerevan Viasphere Technopark told your correspondent, ” This was
indeed a significant event because we succeeded to realize our vision
and objectives. The main purpose and the objective was to give back
community wide thanks, appreciation and gratitude to so many that
have done so much and given so much efforts, time, investments,
contributions, advice and evangelizing for Armenia. Some has done
these continually for more that 20 years. Long journeys of almost
like going to “oukht” or pilgrimage ” .

/i>According to Moroyan, “the Armenian Government, the representatives
of Armenia have been working very hard and are under many challenges
since the birth of this tiny but free Republic of Armenia. The
Government personnel had to learn fast and absorb fast since most of
them have not have long years of experience in this your free country.

The Diaspora recognizes it and appreciates the difficulties and
challenges it has faced in the last 20 years, faces today as we speak
of and will face even greater pones going forward. Government personnel
will themselves admit that many things have been done the right
way but sometimes mistakes have been done also. Armenia today faces
many adversities and have a long and hard way to climb the heights
of democracy, self reliance, retention its much valued resources,
increased investments and high-level of public satisfaction. The
challenges are many and increasing. They have to work parallel
on issues, plans and executions to keep abreast and achieve much
desired economic equilibrium. Diaspora appreciates this and does not
take it lightly. Unfortunately, Diaspora is more like “Diasporas”,
i.e. sometimes fragmented with many objectives and targets. In its
daily busy schedules and ever increasing work load, it has been
very difficult to put effort to express systematically gratitude
and appreciation to many who have given most of what they have time,
money and efforts. Sometimes even more than what they can afford” .

As it was mentioned above, the first goal of the Event was to show
Armenian Government appreciation to the “vibrant and very effective
Bay Area High Tech Professionals and Armenian Community” under the
auspices of the Consulate General of Armenia on behalf of Armenia.

“The organizers, the usual suspects, ArmTech Congress and its top
high tech executives along with the Consul General of Armenia in LA
made this event a success as given the limited budget, they were able
to bring 100 key high tech executives and Armenian community leaders.

With one word, the movers and shakers of the Armenian Bay Area
Community and key high tech executives” , Tony Moroyan said. To top
the event, the co-founders of the ArmTech Congress (which seems to be
a success as already 4 events in 2007 (San Francisco), 2008 (Yerevan),
2009 (San Jose) and 2011 (Yerevan) were held already), Tony Moroyan
and Rich Goldman , VP of Synopsys Inc., together with the RA Consul
General Grigor Hovannisyan handed the Medals of the ArmTech Congress
to recognize key individuals who, in Moroyan’s words, “had made the
difference in terms of helping, successfully evangelizing Armenia,-
some over 20 years” . The medalists were: John Kibranian, Hrayr &
Seeping Sarkissian, Ara Markosian, Sedrak Sargisian, Araxie Bastian,
Razmik Abnous, Rostom Aintablian, John Chilton, Gray Horoupian, Vache
Moroyan, Nora Reichel, Jay Sarkis, Herta Schreiner, Michelle Vo,
Nerses Balabanian, and Mark Chenian .

(Remarkably, the Event was going to be attended by Steve Wozniak ,
the second Laureate of the Annual RA President Global IT Award.

Unfortunately, Mr Wozniak got quite ill but send his apologies for
“missing such an event” ).

According to Mr Moroyan, the second goal was “to help bring the
different and sometimes competing organizations and elements together
to collaborate more and thus to achieve more and be able to do more
and more efficiently for Armenia; and this event helped to promote
the goal very effectively without doing much preaching” .

/i>And the Event’s next day the RA Consul General in LA Grigor
Hovannissyan and Tony Moroyan participated in a special meeting
that, reportedly, “was successful to bring most of the 42 Bay Area
Organizations under one roof to plan Bay Are Pan Armenian projects
and plans and was held under motto ” A Small step … but a giant
step towards PanArmenian world wide goals.”

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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