Tree-Mendous Idea: Yerevan Zoo Offers To Rent Christmas Trees


21.12.11 | 14:17

For those in Armenia who wish to welcome the New Year with a living
New Year Tree without promoting deforestation, the Foundation for the
Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets suggests an alternative
option ~V to rent a tree in a pot.

Over the years, mass logging in the Armenian forests resulted in
the disappearance of thousands of conifers. After the celebrations
the green symbols of the New Year are thrown away and appear in
garbage dumps.

As part of the SunChild project, this is the second year that FPWC
is promoting the initiative. The aim of this project is to convince
people to buy or rent small potted trees which later can be planted
instead of cutting mature trees.

Those who wish to take part in the initiative can come to the Yerevan
Zoo any day to choose their tree, which the organizers will deliver
free of charge. The tree will include an information brochure about
proper keeping and care of the tree. If rented, the tree can stay at
the customer~Rs home until January 15th.

The renting price is 25.000 AMD, ($65) the purchase is 40.000
AMD. ($105)