BAKU: ‘Karabakh Communities’ Meeting Can Be Success Of Azerbaijan’

Dec 20 2011

The fact that the Armenian side refuses this proposal is natural.

The statement came from former Ankara diplomat, political analyst
Vurgun Hasanli while commenting on the Armenian side’s refusal to
hold joint meeting the participation of Armenian and Azerbaijani
Nagorno-Karabakh communities, Gun.Az reports.

“Because they realize that if they hold this meeting, they will be the
first ones to recognize the Azerbaijani community in the international
arena. To put a ‘legal dress’ on the occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh
and make the genocide that they committed there ‘lawful’, they want
to claim that only Armenians live there. Therefore, to realize this
meeting can be simply a success of Azerbaijan”, the analyst noted.

Hasanli said that besides official organizations, Azerbaijani diaspora
also does much to provide the Azerbaijani community’s participation
in this meeting.

“First and foremost, the existence of this communication should be
known to Europe and international community. In this connection,
diaspora should propagate and introduce this community. After the
community becomes internationally recognized, it will be difficult for
Armenian to refuse from meeting. Moreover, we have enough evidence to
claim and prove that the Armenian community has turned Nagorno-Karabakh
into an international terrorism center”, Hasanli noted.

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