ANKARA: Consistency Test

Today’s Zaman
Dec 19 2011

The incidents of 1915 have turned into a test of consistency for all
sides — Turkey, France, the EU and all European democracies. For
the time being, it is not possible to say that any of these has yet
passed the test.

France criticizes Turkey for trying those who say there was an Armenian
genocide in 1915 while it does the opposite and tries those who say
there was no genocide in 1915. We accuse France of applying double
standards to freedom of speech, but we try those who do not deny
genocide. The trigger for the genocide debate was the Gesso-Fabiyus
Law that was approved by the French Parliament in 1990 and banned
racism in general and anti-Semitism in particular. This law stands
as a monument of the double standards in Western democracy. All
the controversy about the genocide issue, which prompts some to be
democratic sometimes and other times not, reveals how important it
is to be consistent.

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