The Dzoragyugh Village Seeks Gas And Water

Tendersinfo News
December 17, 2011 Saturday 6:30 AM EST

ARMENIA : The DZORAGYUGH Village Seeks Gas And Water

The Lori Region’s Dzoragyugh village, where around 350 people living
in it face many day to day problems. Most importantly, the residents
have no communal utilities, the village prefect Robert Hovsepyan told
adding: “The village is not supplied with natural gas.”

Apart from this, the villagers lack irrigation water either, which
makes it difficult for them to produce agricultural products. Some
parts of the rural area do not even have drinking water supplied to
them. And the angry villagers note: “In what day and age are we living
that people today carry water, from the mountain, with buckets?”

The villagers possess five-hundred cattle, which are perhaps their
basic means of living.

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