The "Loophole" Of Businessmen MPs

Hayk Aramyan

Story from News:

Published: 11:12:51 – 15/12/2011

The businessman and Member of Parliament Ashot Tonoyan, BHP stated he
will not run for parliament. He said the National Assembly is not his
place, and he will deal with his business. Earlier, a similar statement
had been made by another businessman and MP Ruben Hayrapetyan. The
others who count more than seventy in the parliament, hence they are
almost constitutional majority, have not expressed their intentions
yet. Moreover, most of them are trying to convince the society that
they are not businessmen but political figures.

Not only are Ashot Tonoyan and Ruben Hayrapetyan unsuitable for the
National Assembly, but also the entire “constitutional majority”. This
“constitutional majority” being out of law, deprived the National
Assembly of legitimacy rendering it a body acting against the society.

The NA stopped being a representative body, just a framework for
ensuring the interests of a group of people.

Certainly, neither Ashot Tonoyan nor Ruben Hayrapetyan would make
such a step voluntarily but we need to state that unlike their other
businessmen colleagues, these two were rather adequate to the current
developments. The rest goes on looking for “loopholes”, being sure
that the old methods will ensure their impunity. Failing to understand
that walking against the logic of the time is fraught with different
dangers for them and they could stuck once and forever in a “loophole”.

This logic is evidence that old arrangements and the system of
guarantees do not work anymore. Guarantees are not provided by the
mandate now but being adequate to the logic of modern developments.

This logic is being realized in Armenia, two of the “class” of the
businessman-MPs understood this fact.

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