Armenia And The Dangers Of Adult Online Content

Dec 14 2011

Armenia may boast one of the world’s strongest fatal attractions to
dangerous online locations, according to one recent Russian assessment.

Kaspersky Lab, a Russia-based anti-virus software producer, ranked
Armenia third in terms of visits to malware-containing sites,
after the United States and Oman. The company, which boasts some 300
million self-reported users for its software, claimed that that most
of its users wander into unsafe online quarters after following links
suggested by websites with adult content.

In its Worldwide Threat Assessment report, Microsoft, though, did
not echo that finding. Armenia did not fall into its top-ten list,
although Armenia’s rival, Turkey, ranked in the number-ten spot. The
US led the list.

But, earlier on, Armenia also appeared as an outstanding achiever on a
related ranking compiled by AVG Technologies, an American anti-virus
software manufacturer. The company named Armenia as the third most
dangerous place to log onto the Internet, after Turkey and Russia. On
this list, Armenia is followed by neighbor and sworn enemy Azerbaijan.