So long as we do not resolve the problem, border will be restless, Armenia
Nov 26 2011

So long as we do not resolve the problem, the border will always be
restless – Armenian President

November 26, 2011 | 13:53

As long as the problem is unresolved, the Armenian-Azerbaijani border
will always be restless, Armenia’s President Serzh Sargsyan stated,
during a briefing with news reporters, commenting on Azerbaijan’s
recent ceasefire violations and its killing of two Armenian soldiers.

`So long as the problem is yet unresolved, the border will always be
restless. But we wish this restless situation does not cause human
losses,’ Sargsyan noted.

In his words, `the blame for our soldiers’ losses falls entirely upon
Azerbaijan’s authorities, and the responsibility for the losses in
their army also falls upon them. If a soldier’s death means nothing to
them, our soldier’s life is very precious for us.’

`I believe this restless situation would gradually ease, since that is
what human rationality demands,’ Serzh Sargsyan maintained.

To note, 19-year-old Armenian conscripts Aren Simonyan and Mihran
Margaryan were killed on November 19 and 20 respectively, by
Azerbaijani snipers.

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