Their Purchased Apartments Were Resold To HHK MP, Complain Yerevan R


Norashen 2007 NGO members will soon contact Armenian President
Serzh Sargsyan to address their concerns as complaint appeals sent
by residents of resold suites in a couple of newly built buildings
to head of the RA Presidential Control Service Hovhannes Hovsepyan
have not yielded any positive results. They are even preparing to
stage a hunger strike with no fixed end date outside the president’s
residence. This news was conveyed to the press by Norashen 2007 NGO
representatives at a press conference in Yerevan today.

Recall, Norashen 2007 NGO was established by members of the Norashen
2007 consumers’ co-operative, disgruntled owners of suites in 37 and
38 Gevorg Chaush St. who paid for apartments that they have not yet
received. The co-op, in particular, resold 14 suites to Republican
Party of Armenia (HHK) MP Hermine Naghdalyan and her husband, David

“When it became known that our apartments’ papers are in the possession
of MP Hermine Naghdalyan, the latter, finding out about our complaints,
personally asked to meet with us. Seven of us went to the meeting
at their personal workshop in Jrvezh. During the conversation she
urged us not to mention her name anywhere and promised to return
the apartments. Believing her, we’ve been waiting nearly a year for
our apartments to be returned. We’re convinced that she’s placed the
same soft pillow beneath the investigators’ heads. It’s been nearly
a year that the matter is being investigated, but there is no case
against her husband, David Beglaryan. It’s amazing that days ago
Hermine Naghdalyan was speaking on television and weeping, touched
by a song, but what’s not being considered is that for about a year
our residents have been singing mourning songs and not once has she
reacted to us residents living in rented apartments and under dire
conditions. How can someone who gets emotional from a simple song be
so indifferent toward 400 deceived residents?” said resident of 14/3
Gevorg Chaush St. Armine Mayilyan.

The disgruntled residents say they will protest until they get their
apartments from Hermin Naghdalyan and her husband.

“I am a member of the Republican Party of Armenia and I’m embarrassed
that when I begin to gather votes in our party’s favor during the
pre-election period, people will reproach me that there are people
like Naghdalyan in my party,” said Norashen 2007 NGO representative,
HHK member Boris Nazaryan.

The members of the NGO assert that if until now they were ready to
again pay for their apartments in order to get them back, now they
are unable to pay a cent, while Hermine Naghdalyan is not willing to
make any concessions.

Note, on Nov. 19, 2009, the Armenian government decided to give
Norashen 2007 co-op a pledge for a $500,000 USD state loan; however,
this too didn’t help the co-op’s leadership resolve their issues.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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