Only 7% Of Russians Consider Armenia A Reliable Partner- RCSPO


Nov 16, 2011

YEREVAN, November 16. /ARKA/. According to the survey of All-Russian
Center for Study of Public Opinion (RCSPO), only 7% of Russians
consider Armenia a reliable partner.

Group of three of the most reliable partners of Russia among CIS
countries has not been changed in the eyes of Russians: the first line
takes Kazakhstan, significantly strengthening its rating (in 2010
Kazakhstan selected 37% of respondents, and by 2011 it increased
to 42%). Belarus being again in the second place, increased its
reliability rating to 36% (in 2010 – 23%). Ukraine stayed in the
group of three leaders, but decreased the indicator (from 21% in 2010
to 15%).

Other CIS countries, as such, Russians mention less frequently:
Armenia (7%), Azerbaijan (5%), Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan (3%
each), Turkmenistan (2% of Russians). Georgia and Tajikistan trust
only 1% of respondents.

Kazakhstan stays the most stable and successful state in CIS territory
as in the past – in the opinion of Russians (42%, in 2010 – 34%). The
second place was reserved for Belarus (35%, in 2010 – 31%). The
group of three leaders with a significant backlog closes Ukraine,
a bit decreasing its rating to 17% (in 2010 – 19%).

Then comes Armenia and Azerbaijan (9% each), Moldova (5%), Turkmenistan
(4%), Uzbekistan (4%), Georgia (3%) and Kyrgyzstan (3%).

Less stable state, in the opinion of Russians, as the last year,
became Tajikistan (1%).

Among the leaders of CIS countries, Russians trust more the President
of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev (37% vs. 32% in 2010). The second line of
the rating takes the President of Belarus A.Lukashenko, whose level
of trust increased by 28% compared to the last year (16% and third
position in the rating in 2010).

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich closes the group of three
leaders, whose level of trust decreased (from 17% in 2010 to 12%
in 2011).

Then come presidents of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev (7%), Armenian – Serzh
Sargsyan (6%), Uzbekistan – Islam Karimov (3%), Kyrgyzstan – Rosa
Otunbayeva, Turkmenistan – Gurbanguly Berimuhamedov, Acting President
of Moldova – Mihai Ghimpu, Georgia – Mikheil Saakashvili (2% each).

Less rating of trust level among Russians has the president of
Tajikistan Emomalii Rahmon (1%).

All-Russian Center for Study of Public Opinion (RCSPO) was conducted
in October 2011. 1600 respondents were interviewed in 138 settlements
of 46 regions, provinces and republics of Russia. Statistical error
does not exceed 3.4%.

Survey in CIS and Baltic countries was conducted in October
2011. Only 4577 people were interviewed in the following states:
Belarus (1077 respondents), Kyrgyzstan (1500 respondents), Azerbaijan
(1000 respondents), Lithuania (1000 respondents).

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