No Maximum Publicity Not At All Impunity – Armenian Defense Minister


The autumn draft is on in Armenia. Despite large-scale preparations,
omissions and cases of corruption take place, Armenian Minister of
Defense Seyran Ohanyan said in an interview with Armenian Public TV.

“We are supervising both medical commissions and other draft-related
functions,” he said.

A monitoring commission has been set up to ensure a transparent draft
without violations of law. In case of problems, citizens may call
523486. “We are also running a hotline, and I call on citizens to
turn to the Ministry of Defense and to me personally because human
rights protection is a priority,” Minister Ohanyan said.

As regards tragic incidents caused by mishandling of weapons, the
minister said that they are registered in any army. “Soldiers gain
only limited knowledge in six months,” he said.

As regards murders and suicides, Minister Ohanyan said that the
higher command in intolerant to such incidents. According to him,
nothing can be concealed from society, and parents of killed soldiers
are involved in investigations as well.

“For reasons of confidentiality we do not inform them of all the
details. But if they were present, they would see how strictly we
supervise each investigation. If we do not publicly announce all our
actions, it does not at all mean impunity,” Minister Ohanyan said.

As regards the severe criticism by NGOs, he said: “I have presented
our position to the public. We are ready for a dialogue with the
public. The army has been working with NGOs since it was formed. We
accept their advice. However, we are intolerant to those discrediting
the army. Are they judges? It is our experts, people experienced in
this field, that can judge us.”

From: Baghdasarian

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