Criminalized System


Story from News:

Published: 20:24:08 – 10/11/2011

The next chief of police Vova Gasparyan has launched a reshuffle,
the press reports, giving a reason to display the real situation in
the police.

First the policemen with nicknames were distinguished. Grisha
Amirkhanyan nicknamed Goebbels, the ex-chief of the central unit of
the Police, was appointed as the chief of the Nor Nork community unit.

Nazareth Mnatsakanyan known as Kankyul (fringe) was dismissed from
the position of the drug and trafficking unit of the department of
organized crime of the Police.

Yesterday Mihran Keshishyan, the deputy chief of the Erebuni community
unit of the Police was dismissed. He is charged with corruption and
is now a fugitive. A clear criminal world!

The head of the Nor Nork community unit of the police, Margar
Ohanyan~Rs brother Mushegh Ohanyan was dismissed and appointed as head
of the Metsamor Unit of Armavir region. It should be noted that Mushegh
Ohanyan was treated humanistic because his brother Margar Ohanyan,
the head of the Traffic Police, is charged with embezzlement of police
budget, and Mushegh himself was involved in an interesting story. A
murder was reported in Nor Nork, and everyone seemed to know that
members of the community council and relatives of some high-ranking
officials were involved but no investigation has been launched yet.

In Armenia, as the business and government have merged, so the
criminal and the police have merged. Cases of cooperation of separate
policemen and criminals are known. In Armenia, there is an opinion
that the network of prostitutes, thieves of cars and apartments is
under the ~Scontrol~T of the police. A number of scandalous crimes,
assaults involving policemen are known. Let alone the manner how the
police fulfill its Constitutional duties, the way it treats those it
catches in jails and places of detentions.

The new chief of police has launched rotation, appointing the same
people with similar behavior and morality in other positions within
the same system. The press exaggerates it calling it a reshuffle.

Soon perhaps the church will bless the police, which does not seem