Armenia Is Not On The Earth? – Newspaper

Nov 10 2011

YEREVAN. – Armenian National Security Council Secretary and ruling
coalition’s Rule of Law Party (RLP) Chairman, Arthur Baghdasaryan,
had stated in Brussels that from around 7 million Armenians living in
the world today, 1 million lives in Europe, 2.5 million, in Russia,
and more than 1 million, in US, Zhoghovurd daily writes.

“These numbers are fairly dubious because when 4.5 (the number of
Armenians in Russia, Europe, and US) is subtracted from 7, we receive
2.5. That is, as per Arthur Baghdasaryan, 2.5 million people live
in Armenia. Meanwhile according to official statistics, Armenia’s
population is 3.2 million. Did Baghdasaryan make a mistake, or did
he deliberately publicize the real number?…Yesterday [Wednesday]
Zhoghovurd tried to clarify as to when Baghdasaryan said ‘in the
world’ whether he meant Armenia as well. RLP Press Secretary Susanna
Abrahamyan informed that Baghdasaryan meant ‘without Armenia, that
is, the Armenians living in the entire world,’ which means Armenia is
not a part of the entire world: the Planet Earth,” Zhoghovurd writes.