ANKARA: Armenia Set To Publish ‘genocide’ Testimonials


Hurriyet Daily News
Nov 9 2011

Armenians gather to mark the 94th anniversary of the mass killings
in this file photo. AP photo

The National Archives of Armenia will publish three volumes containing
eyewitness accounts of the 1915 incidents, the archival director
announced during a press conference Nov. 8, according to Los
Angeles-based Armenian daily Asbarez.

“The first volume is ready and is currently being translated
into Russian and English. The second volume is being prepared for
publication. The first volume is devoted to the province of Van, the
second to the province of Bitlis, the third to the province of Erzurum
(Garin),” said Amatuni Virabyan, adding that each volume would have
around 500 pages.

The publication is being funded by donations. Virabyan said
the initiative was a continuation of an effort begun in 1916 by
legendry author Hovaness Tumanian, who formed a commission to gather
testimonials of survivors from the 1915 incidents. These documents
have been archived in Armenia, he added.

Virabyan expressed hope that the effort would contribute to the
international recognition of the 1915 incidents as “genocide.”

The archives director also said Turkey was stepping up its efforts
to falsify history.