Son Makes Mother Suffocate


04:17 pm | Today | Social

On the morning of November 5, 53-year old citizen of Russia Eduard
Ramazyan called the Arabkir police division and informed that his
mother, 79-year old citizen of Russia Raisa Postogova, had died in
their apartment.

Police found bruises and scratches on the dead body.

The forensic medicine examination was ready on November 8. According
to the results, Raisa Postogova had suffocated in petroleum and had
bruises on her thighs.

The preliminary investigation showed that on the night of November
5, Postogova’s son Eduard Ramazyan had killed her by making her
suffocate. Eduard Ramazyan suffers from a psychological disorder.

Police of Arabkir division have instigated a case under Article 104
(1) of the RA Criminal Code.

Eduard Ramazyan is under arrest and has been sent to the psychiatric
center in Avan.

The preliminary investigation is underway.