Hadjinian Wins Montebello City Council Race

Jack Hadjinian

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

MONTEBELLO-The Armenian National Committee of America-San Gabriel
Valley-endorsed candidate Jack Hadjinian won his bid for the City
Council during Tuesday’s election.

Hadjinian, speaking to the San Gabriel Valley News, attributed his win
to his positive efforts saying community rejected negative campaigning
efforts by other candidates.

“I ran a positive campaign, and I never wanted to resort to the
negative or mudslinging stuff,” Hadjinian told the SGVN.

“Jack Hadjinian has been a long-time activist for the Armenian
community and a homegrown community leader here in Montebello,” said
Viken Pakradouni, Chairman of the ANCA SGV when endorsing Hadjinian.

According to the SGVN, Hadjinian also raised the most money, collecting
$47,735 in contributions.

“The city needs to control its spending,” Hadjinian told the
newspaper. “And then work on increasing its revenues, so it can
sustain its spending.”

Hadjinian is a third generation resident of Montebello. He has also
served on the Montebello Civil Service Commission as well as the
City of Montebello’s Investment Committee and the Montebello Police
Department’s Public Safety Committee.

Hadjinian is currently a Los Angeles County Commissioner serving
on the Assessment Appeals Board. In the past, he has served as the
Chairman of the Board of the Montebello Chamber of Commerce.

The ANCA-SGV also endorsed incumbent candidate Alberto Perez, who
did not win the race. Incumbent Councilwomen Christina Cortez also
won the election.