Armenia’S Deputy Speaker Meets Assyrian Delegation


Posted GMT 11-3-2011 22:55:19

On November 2 the Vice Speaker of the National Assembly Samvel Nikoyan
met the representatives of the Assyrian communities from different
countries of the world.

Mr. Nikoyan expressed satisfaction for meeting with the representatives
of a nation having serious contribution to the world policy and having
a powerful state long ago, but at the same time expressed regret
over losing their country by historical injustice and for being
spread throughout the world. He ensured that the Armenian people,
who saw Genocide and lost a big part of the historical motherland and
his native state understand the problems of the Assyrians spread all
over the world pretty well and create an opportunity for the living
of the Assyrians residing in Armenia and preserving national identity.

Speaking out on the persecutions and Genocide committed by the
Ottoman Empire towards the Armenian, Greek and Assyrian peoples in the
beginning of the last century, the representatives of the Assyrian
communities, who arrived from different countries of the world,
expressed conviction that if the had not closed an eye towards those
illegal cruelties and prevented them, the genocides and the crimes
perpetrated against humanity would not be of continuous nature. They
proposed to combine forces in revealing that historical injustice
and making the Genocide recognizable.

The members of the delegation also informed the Vice Speaker about
their intention to create an Assyrian center, which would give an
opportunity to coordinate the cultural-educational opportunities. By
their assessment, they are pleasantly surprised by the big
opportunities in retaining national identity given to the Assyrian
community in Armenia, and in case the Armenian authorities are not
against the idea of founding that center in Armenia.

The Vice Speaker of the National Assembly Samvel Nikoyan wished success
to the delegation for implementing the goals aimed at preserving the
national identity, ensuring that the Armenian people, who had passed
through severe experiences, know how to evaluate the past and the
present and offer a helping hand.

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