Protesters Clash With Police In Armenia’s Capital


The mothers of soldiers killed in Armenia’s army and the Army in Fact
action group were to hold a regular action in front of the Armenian

They demand proper investigation into soldiers’ murders.

However, the police did not allow the protesters to hold their
action where they had planned and used violence against them. The
protesters expressed their opinion on police violence, one of the
active participants, Izabella Sargsyan, said.

“The police used violence against Lala Aslikyan, a member of the Army
in Fact action Group, and transported her to the police department.

“A number of protesters gathered there and demanded that Ms. Aslikyan
be released. One more incident took place there: Vice-Chief of the
police department Araik Petrosyan tried to run over the protesters
by his car and hit the Parliament member Zaruhi Postanjyan.

Lala Aslikyan’s lawyer Robert Revazyan was not allowed to enter the
police department. About 20 policemen near the police department, and
another 30 at some distance, prevented the protesters from approaching
the building, said Izabella Sargsyan.

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