Armenian Parliament Speaker Meets With Iranian And Kuwaiti Counterpa

Oct 19 2011

YEREVAN. – Within the framework of his work visit to Bern, Switzerland,
Armenian National Assembly (NA) Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan on Monday
had meetings with the speakers of Iranian and Kuwaiti parliaments.

Armenian-Iranian relations are on a high level and they continue to
develop in an atmosphere of mutual trust, Abrahamyan said during his
meeting with Ali Larijani, Chairman of the Parliament of Iran. In
Abrahamyan’s conviction, cooperation between Armenia’s and Iran’s
legislative bodies also greatly contribute to establishment of warm
relations between both countries, NA Press Service informed Armenian

In his turn, Ali Larijani delightfully noted that inter-parliamentary
cooperation and bilateral partnership in different directions
became more active following his official visit to Armenia. In the
interlocutors’ conviction, cooperation between the two countries has
a considerable potential in the economic sector, too.

Abrahamyan and Larijani also discussed regional developments, reflected
on the Karabakh conflict and the Armenian-Turkish relations, and
underscored regional stability, peace, and security.

On the same day, Armenian NA Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan also met with
Jassem Mohammad Al-Kharafi, Speaker of the National Assembly of Kuwait.

Abrahamyan noted that Armenia gives great importance to developing
multilateral relations with Arab countries, including Kuwait. In
his words, the two peoples are interlinked through the centuries-old
friendship, which serves as a basis for the dynamic development of
inter-state relations. Hovik Abrahamyan also stressed the development
and activeness of inter-parliamentary cooperation, and the cooperation
within international organizations.

In his turn, Al-Kharafi likewise underscored the development of
inter-parliamentary ties in strengthening relations between both
countries, and also invited Hovik Abrahamyan to Kuwait for an
official visit.

The interlocutors also reflected on other matters, and stressed
the importance of further intensifying trade and economic ties and
carrying out concrete projects.

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