UN Office In Armenia And Oxfam United Efforts To Promote Poverty Era


Noyan Tapan

17 October 2011 – A photo exhibition “Eradication of Poverty after
20 years of independence” dedicated to the International Day of
Poverty Eradication, which was organized by the Oxfam and the UNDP,
UN Department of Public Information and the Food and Agriculture
Organization was opened today at the UN House.

Exhibited photos illustrated the challenges on the way of poverty
eradication, focusing on the achievements of the residents of distant
rural areas, who were supported by various charitable and development

The event was attended by the representatives of government and
international organizations, and the beneficiaries of programs held
by Oxfam and the UNDP, UNDPI and FAO, as well as the general public.

The UN Resident Coordinator Dafina Gercheva said: “October 17 presents
an opportunity to acknowledge the efforts and struggle of people living
in poverty; it’s a chance for them to make their concerns heard. UN
Institutions in Armenia will continue to support the country’s efforts
aimed to eradicate poverty. ”

Margarita Hakobyan, the director of Oxfam office in Armenia, said:
“All people in the world have the right to be fairly well-off. There
are sufficient resources in the world which are able to provide it.

Poverty is the consequence of inequality, and by overcoming it,
we will be able to eradicate poverty.”

The United Nations believes that for present and future generations
sustainable development must truly safeguard ecosystems at the same
time enabling economic and social progress. Sustainable development
will also build countries’ resilience to external shocks and protect
development gains.

The photo exhibition is organized in the framework of the series
of other joint events dedicated to poverty eradication which were
held on October 12th -17th in Yerevan and two regions of Armenia:,
Shirak and Vayots Dzor. These events were also initiated by Oxfam,
UNDP, UNDPI and FAO. The events were also supported by the network
of civil society organizations established by Oxfam, by other civil
society and international organizations.

The events were held under the slogan of Oxfam GROW global campaign
“Grow more, feed our country” aimed to promote local food production,
consumption, distribution, and management processes, as well as to
reduce disaster risks and prevent the negative impact of climate change
on agriculture as the most essential factor of poverty eradication.


The mission of Oxfam is to eradicate poverty and eliminate human
suffering. Since 1994, the organization, in close cooperation with
the government, dozens of local non-governmental organizations,
local and regional authorities, have implemented various humanitarian
and development programs in more than 165 remote rural communities
in Armenia.

The Commonwealth Civil Society Network celebrates its 10th anniversary
this year. The Network of 27 active member-NGOs has been established
in order to reveal and solve pressing issues and challenges related
to poverty eradication and it has ten years of success in different

Since 1992 the UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes in Armenia in
partnership with civil society and private sector, in line with
the main national development priorities, support the Government of
Armenia in its development efforts, introducing knowledge and best
practices from all over the world.

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