France Supports Resolution Of Karabakh Conflict Within OSCE Minsk Gr

Oct 17 2011

YEREVAN.- There is no conflict without a solution, said France’s
Ambassador to Armenia Henri Reynaud.

“The Karabakh peace process continues within the format of the OSCE
Minsk Group. France and the EU are supporting this format. It is
necessary to resume dialogue within this format as soon as possible,”
he told journalists on Monday.

Asked to comment on press reports saying France may initiate regular
meeting of Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents, Reynaud said “he
finds many interesting things in press every day.”

The Ambassador also quoted the French president on the example of
France and Germany.

“We should not forget that the EU was founded on the ruins of war,
France and Germany shook hands. This example shows that there is
no conflict, which has no solution,” he stressed adding that this
example is an excellent message to the conflicting parties.

Reynaud said it is a difficult path, but it’s the only way that
promises peace and prosperity, growth, and dialogue in the region.

Commenting on Azerbaijani press reports saying Baku is building a
stone wall in the line of contact, the Ambassador stressed this example
shows just the need to resume dialogue and seek ways of reconciliation.

“The future of the region is open borders, dialogue and partnership,”
he said recalling that the region is located at the crossroads of

The French diplomat expressed regret that the conflict takes away
resources that could be used to develop the region.

“The path to peace is difficult, but there is no other way. Peace is
not something that is impossible to achieve. There is an example of
Europe, we should follow it,” he concluded.

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