Iran to build 10 nuclear plants

Iran to bild 10 nuclear plants

10:33 – 14.10.11

The government of Iran, in an act of enriching its defense made a
surprising announcement of building 10 new uranium nuclear plants in
the country, Shiny Bulletin reported.

The announcement came through the state broadcaster and is believed to
a clear cut act of defiance against the UN, after the UN nuclear
overseers strictly criticized Tehran for its secret nuclear work.

It is believed that these 10 new nuclear plants are going to be of as
much size as that of the main enrichment plant at Natanz. The
broadcaster also mentioned that the work on these plants will commence
within a short duration of two months.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran stated that the country
should aim to produce a bulky amount of 250-300 tones of nuclear fuel
every single year. Adding to this, the semi-official Mehr News Agency
also quoted the Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, Ali Akbar
Salehi saying, `Ten new enrichment plants will be built’.

Adding more information to the news, the State Broadcaster IRIB said
that the location for five of these plants were already decided and
work on them will start within the two months, as decided by the
officials. In the same time, the locations for the other five plants
will be decided, and work on them as well shall be commenced with.

The creation of these new nuclear enrichment plants will exaggerate
the tensions between the other major powers and Islamic republic. The
matter is nearly shocking for the other major powers who have been
trying to seek a very diplomatic answer to this long disputed matter
of the Iran nuclear plant.

The major fear of all the western Supremes is that Iran is perhaps on
the way to developing its very own disastrous nuclear bomb. And under
this fear, all the major countries supported strongly the UN drafted
nuclear deal which was designed specially with the main concern of
relieving the worries related to the Iran’s nuclear activities.

However, in an answer to these criticisms of the UN, the government
said that Iran is the world’s fifth largest producer and exporter of
crude oil, and wishes to only generate electricity through this atomic
program. But even details that the Iranian lawmakers forced the
government to sketch out a plan to decrease the cooperation of the
country with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The MP’s
were stated saying, `Because of world powers’ hasty behavior, the
government should submit its plan over reducing Iran’s cooperation
level with the agency,’ in the parliament.

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