To have or not to have a Red Book

To have or not to have a Red Book
Saturday,October 15

Many countries do not have a Red Book where the endangered animals and
plants are included. But they have lists like Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Armenia has got a Red Book.

Why is the Red Book important? And how can its absence affect the
preservation of the biodiversity?

Aram Aghasyan, the head of the Department of Preserves of the
Environment Ministry’s Bioresources Management Agency, answered to
those questions today.

He mentioned that the Red Book is an international notion and the
International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources
(IUCN) has got standards which the countries follow.

`There are species that can be found in Armenia only, however that
species are not endangered in Armenia. In that case too it is needed
to preserve those species as we have signed the convention of
preservation of biodiversity and we are obliged to protect them.’

Azerbaijan and Georgia do not have Red Book but instead they have
corresponding lists which as Aram Aghasyan says have informative
problems. In the Red Book there is information about this or that
species on its appearance, extension etc.

`In the Red Book there are also all the nature protection events that
are realized for preserving this or that species,’ he said.

`The Red Book is not only for the specialists but for raising the
level of being well informed,’ Aram Aghasyan stressed.

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