Either Generals Or Lifes Of Soldiers

Hakob Badalyan

Lragir.am News

11:06:43 – 14/10/2011

Looking at the public behavior and the attitude of the Armenian
government to the tragedies happening in the Armenian army, the
behavior of the Spanish referee of the game Ireland-Armenia toward
Armenians becomes an example of high morality.

In the last five days, three soldiers died in the army, they have
either been killed or caused to commit a suicide but no responsible
governmental official has uttered a single word on this disaster,
and nothing is said to the society, no explanation is given why these
tragic cases have multiplied in the past few years instead of falling.

Moreover, the silence of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Serzh Sargsyan
is more than strange. It seems that last time he dwelt on the tragedies
in the army in 2010 during the opening of Samvel Alexanyan’s sugar
factory. Afterwards, Serzh Sargsyan held a series of consultations
on different issues but never on the plight in the army.

Once, Serzh Sargsyan visited a family of a killed soldier and once
he talked to the relatives of killed conscripts across the fence.

No efforts and no results are visible yet, while with such plight
causing death of people and outcry, public efforts are obligatory,
and someone must claim responsible.

Instead, the members of the party of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief
are making public allegations of conspiracy against the army, referring
to those who voice the problems in the army.

This state of things “brings in” more victims, and the Supreme
Commander-in-Chief is still silent. Although, taking into account
the content of his statement on the army during the dedication of
the sugar factory owned by Member of Parliament Samvel Alexanyan,
perhaps it is better that he remains silent because he has nothing to
communicate to the public, no fundamental assessment of the situation
and no idea or concept or vision. He does not have the courage to
voice anything not to arouse the anger of the businessmen-generals
of the army against him.

Serzh Sargsyan himself depends on the generals of the army. In other
words, the life of Sargsyan’s government and the life of conscripts
depend on the generals, and Sargsyan is now in a dilemma; either to
threaten his own office and clean the army of the generals who are
also businessmen who care for their businesses, not for the army, or
to threaten the life of the Armenian young men and leave the generals
alone not to shake his own office.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress


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