Seminar On Customs Reforms Held In Yerevan

12.10.2011 12:07

A seminar providing an ~QOverview of Customs Reforms~R, jointly
organised by the EU Advisory Group to the Republic of Armenia and the
Interagency Commission for Coordination of Cooperation of Armenian
State Agencies with EU Institutions, took place in Yerevan today.

The seminar addressed the issue of reform in the Armenian Customs
Service and helped to promote a dialogue between participants
and officials on issues relating to trade facilitation, including
the Customs clearance process and the availability of simplifying

Carrying out specific reforms are vital pre-conditions before Armenia
can enter into negotiations on a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade
Area Agreement (DCFTA). Reforms are also urgent to facilitate trade,
which is a necessary pre-requisite to encouraging inward investment
in Armenia.

The specific objectives of the seminar were to enumerate the challenges
facing the Customs Service in relation to reform; give examples of
the application of EU standards (Customs Blueprints) in the context of
reforming Customs Services in other countries; detail the role of the
newly created Customs Working Group (comprising representatives of the
Ministry of Finance, State Revenue Committee and EUAG); highlight the
pre-conditions that must be complied with before negotiations for the
DCFTA can commence; set out the progress made to date in relation to
reform of the Customs Service and proposals for the future; elaborate
on the development of customs policy.

The event was opened by Ambassador Raul de Luzenberger, Head of the
EU Delegation to Armenia, Mr. Arthur Baghdasaryan, Secretary of the
National Security Council, and Mr. Gagik Khachatryan, Chairman of
the State Revenue Committee. The keynote address was given by the
EUAG Customs Policy Advisor. A representative of the State Revenue
Committee also made a presentation.

From: Baghdasarian

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