CSTO Joint Exercises To Be Held In Armenia In 2012

Anna Balyan

11.10.2011 15:09

The Collective Security Treaty Organization plans to hold large-scale
military exercises in Armenia in 2012, featuring all CSTO member
countries. The military drills will be dedicated to the 20th
anniversary of formation of the Organization, and will attract wide
international response, since observers from different international
structures will also be invited, CSTO Deputy Secretary General Valery
Semerikov declared during the sitting of the CSTO Emergency Situations
Coordination Council in Yerevan.

During the sitting the heads of Ministries of Emergency Situations
of Armenia, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan
discussed important issues like joint management of natural and
technical disasters, establishment of a common informational
and programmatic basis, conduct of joint exercises, provision of
humanitarian assistance to member countries, etc.

Armenian Minister of Emergency Situations Armen Yeritsyan said “no
matter how powerful the country is, it can’t fight disasters alone.”

“We should be united in struggling against strong disasters. We
all provide human and technical support to each other,” Minister
Yeritsayn declared.

During the sitting in Yerevan Valery Semerikov declared proposed to
create a joint financial store, which will finance the rescue works
in case of emergency in any of the CSTO member states.

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