E. Sharmazanov: The Right To Self-Determination – Mission, Not Princ


Panorama, Armenia
Sept 30 2011

“I hail the co-chairs efforts aimed at the peaceful resolution of
the conflict, which are to detain Azerbaijan’s destructive statements.

Additional measures are needed improving the atmosphere on the ground,”
said Edward Sharmazanov, the Republican spokesman, to Panorama.am
making remarks on the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs statement.

The Co-Chairs reaffirmed in the statement the commitment made by
Presidents Medvedev, Obama, and Sarkozy in their May 26 Deauville
statement to assist the sides to achieve such a settlement.

The Republican MP reminded Armenia has expressed commitment to the
basic document prior to the tripartite meeting of Presidents Serzh
Sargsyan, Dmitry Medvedev and Ilham Aliyev.

“But the Azerbaijani party has appeared with a new package of
proposals,” said the MP.

The Republican MP recalled President Sargsyan’s speech delivered
in the UN General Assembly saying despite the expectations and the
high-level advice from the international community, Azerbaijan took
yet another step back during the last meeting in Kazan by rejecting
the previously elaborated arrangement and trying, in fact, to break
down the negotiation process.

Edward Sharmazanov stated that the right to self-determination is a
mission, unlike the principle of territorial integrity which is just
a principle.

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