Witnesses Testify To Husband’s Abuse In Zaruhi Petrosyan Trial


09.29.2011 17:34

The trial in which Yanis Sarkisov is accused in the murder of Zaruhi
Petrosyan will resume on Sept. 30.

During the last court session, Zaruhi’s neighbor, a minor only
identified by the initial E., testified that prior to her death Zaruhi
was always loathe and sad. Furthermore, E. continued, tne day before
her death her grandmother saw how Zaruhi’s husband was pulling her
and how the latter was bent over and hugging her abdomen.

Also heard in court were testimonies of two other witnesses who
are currently outside Armenia. They testified on how they witnessed
Zaruhi’s husband, Yanis, hitting his wife. One of the testimonies
stated that Zaruhi wanted to divorce Yanis and told the witness that
living with her husband has become intolerable due to his ongoing
abuse and brutal treatment of her.

During the trial, the defense motioned for subsequent court sessions
to be in camera (behind closed doors); however, this was overruled,
reports the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Women in Armenia.

Recall, 20-year-old Petrosyan died on Oct. 1, 2010, as a result of
repeated psychological and physical abuse at the hands of her husband
(Sarkisov) and his mother. Her child, who is a minor, is currently
in an orphanage, under state care. Subsequently, a group of 7 local
NGOs formed the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Women in Armenia
and are monitoring the case.

From: Baghdasarian

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