"Traveling" Books In Yerevan Streets


14:54, 28 September, 2011

“BookCrossing Armenia” initiative will start October 2 its second event
on “Book Traveling From Hand to Hand”. Armen Ghazaryan, coordinator of
“BookCrossing Armenia” initiative, told Armenpress that this method of
spread of books is news and its basis was laid in 2001 in the United
States of America.

“The goal of the initiative is simple. All the participants leave
their book in any site of Yerevan, and then inform about it via
“Facebook” social net. The one who wants to read that book finds it,
reads and then puts back in the same place,” Armen Ghazaryan said,
stressing that up to now the contact between the participants of the
initiative has been established mainly through social networks. The
website of the initiative will open in the nearest future, giving an
opportunity to provide more professional and comprehensive information
for participants of the initiative.

Answering the question how participants avoid groundless losses of
books, Mr. Ghazaryan said that the books have special distinctive
marks, and besides, they are mainly left in well-known cafes, and book
stores. “Of course, there are also cases when books are “forgotten”
in any public place,” Armen Ghazaryan said.

From: Baghdasarian

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