Armenian MP Advises Azerbaijani President Not To Experiment

Sept 26 2011

YEREVAN. – In terms of the Azerbaijani President’s proposal of
“European model of autonomy” for Nagorno-Karabakh, I would advise
Ilham Aliyev not to experiment because a negotiation format exists,
Armenian MP and member of Armenia’s delegation to the Parliamentary
Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), Naira Zohrabyan told

“There is a clear format on the negotiation table. If the Azerbaijani
President does not attempt to come up with experimental proposals every
time, the Karabakh problem would definitely be resolved,” Zohrabyan
said. She also noted that the international organizations have begun to
more emphasize the nations’ right for self-determination as paramount
and priority value specified by UN Charter. “Aliyev must reconcile with
the idea that, aside from his very much loved principle of territorial
integrity, there exists another equal international norm: the nations’
right for self-determination. And in a greater sense, it is already
time for the Azerbaijani political elite to prepare its people not
to war, but to the idea that Nagorno-Karabakh’s independence has no
alternative,” Naira Zohrabyan noted.

Armenian informed earlier that Azerbaijani President
stated Karabakh is the biggest issue for Azerbaijan and the conflict
threatens the region. Aliyev blamed Armenians for ethnic cleansing,
as a result of which “millions of Azerbaijanis became homeless and
refugees,” but he kept silent on hundreds of thousands of forced
Armenian refugees; the situation still continues.

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