Ter-Petrosyan Vows To Restore Dialogue, If Tigran Arakelyan Is Relea


22:31 ~U 09.09.11

Leader of opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK) has said the
HAK is ready to resume the dialogue with representatives of the ruling
authorities, if HAK activist Tigran Arakelyan is released.

Speaking at a rally on Liberty Square late on Friday, Levon
Ter-Petrosyan said the HAK will otherwise have to make its rallies
more frequent to exert pressure on the ruling authorities.

“We are ready to return to negotiations’ table in the coming days in
case [Tigran] Arakelyan is released,” said he.

“Otherwise, by leaving the dialogue suspended, we will have to speak
to authorities in another language,” said Ter-Petrosyan, adding that
by saying other language he means more frequent rallies.

Further, he questioned the legitimacy of the executive, legislative
and judicial powers in Armenia, adding that the restoration of
constitutional order in Armenia becomes an unavoidable necessity.

“If someone had any doubts over that issue, then they disappear against
the backdrop of the documents issued by the WikiLeaks recently,” said
Ter-Petrosyan, highlighting that fact that according to the data of
the US embassy in Yerevan Ter-Petrosyan receive 30-35% of the votes,
rather than 21.5% at the 2008 presidential elections.

“And why the US government, well aware of this, supported the
non-elected president, and simultaneously gave us lessons on
democracy, is another issue which I don’t want to comment on,”
explained Ter-Petrosyan.

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