Tigran Torosyan Said Karabakh’s Non-Participation In Talks Is Logica


13:36, 8 September, 2011

Till today no one grounded the exclusiveness of the Kosovo issue,
member of the Armenian National Assembly Tigran Torosyan said referring
to the similarities between the Nagorno Karabakh and Kosovo conflicts
at the “New Approaches to the NKR Issue” conference launched today
at the Yerevan State Linguistic University. He said from the first
sight the conflicts seem “unsolvable”: essentially there are two
ways of solving them. The first one is the active engagement of the
civil societies in the conflict settlement process and the second
the applying of serious pressures by mediating states.

“In Kosovo’s case the second variant took place, which is
impossible in Nagorno Karabakh case, but it is obvious that here
other classification of geopolitical forces acts”, Torosyan said,
adding that it is just a political issue but in legal respect these
issues are very similar. The UN Court of Justice put an end to the
legal duality and according to Torosyan, finally proved that there
is no controversy between the principles of the right of people to
self-determination and territorial integrity. The first one relates
to the separation of a group of people from a territory of a state,
it relates to state-people relations, the second relates to the
relations between the two states. In the first case the main issue of
discussion must be the status of self-determining territory and it
must not be burdened with other topics. “Here the next issue comes:
Nagorno Karabakh is a conflicting party and it must participate in
negotiations”, Torosyan said, adding that the fact that Karabakh is
not participating in talks is logical absurd.

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