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August 20, 2011 Saturday

Armenia: Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project

Country Armenia, Republic of
Loan Number 2363
Project Number 40296- 01
Asian Development Fund US$36.00 million
Concept Clearance 25 Jul 2006
Fact-finding 01 Jun 2007 to 17 Jun 2007
Board Approval 31 Oct 2007
The impact of the Project is improved public health and environment
for about 576,000 people living in the project towns and villages. The
outcome of the Project is improved access to sustainable WSS in the
project areas. The Project will focus on optimizing the operation of
existing infrastructure and maximizing the operating efficiency of WSS
service providers, followed by constructing new infrastructure.

The Project of Outcome:
Improved access to safe, reliable and sustainable water supply and
sanitation services in about 16 project towns and up to 125 project
villages managed on commercial principles and environmentally sound
The Project of Outputs:
1. Rehabilitated, replaced, and expanded water supply and sewerage
systems in project towns and villages.
2. Improved water services in project towns and villages.
3. Strengthened AWSC and institutionalized project villages not
covered by AWSC.
4. Improved community management skills.

country :Armenia

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