Armenia, Azerbaijan ‘Preparing For A Long Confrontation In Karabakh’

22:58 31.08.11

The existing arms race between Armenia and Azerbaijan is suggestive of
their preparation for long a confrontation in Karabakh, citing experts,
writes the Russian-language Argumenti Nedeli (Arguments of the Week).

According to the paper unlike the previous years now both Yerevan and
Baku attach much importance to the establishment of military industry.

“In case of resumption of military actions, the world powers will in
all probability impose an embargo on arms imports. And the imported
equipment and military supplies may not last long,” writes the paper.

Further, the paper says that Azerbaijan has started a serial production
of AK-74M guns, though the country mainly relies on Turkey with whom
it has agreed to produce also ordnances of 105mm in caliber.

Saying that while Azerbaijan and Turkey are cooperating in the field
of military industry Armenia is taking steps too.

“Recently Yerevan adopted the 2011-2015 State Development Program
of Military Equipment and Arms within which not only arms import
is envisaged, but also the development of local Armenian military
industry,” writes the papers.

It goes on to say, the last year a group of Russian delegates visited
Armenia and held talks over further military cooperation between
the two countries. Thanks to those talks, the paper continues, nine
Armenian-Russian military factories will be built.

According to the newspaper, some experts said that heavy military
hardware will also be produced there.

From: Baghdasarian

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