Degradation Of The Armenian Authorities



The Hraparak Daily reported that Member of Parliament Ruben Gevorgyan
nicknamed Tsaghik Rubo[Flower Rubo] is not only going to run for the
next parliament but also to take along his daughter. The article noted
Gevorgyan is even ready to sell his market in one of the communities
of Yerevan to ensure a parliamentary mandate for his daughter.

Ruben Gevorgyan’s step is of course virtuous. A real father will never
spare anything for the future of his child. The opinion that a man
must plant a tree, build a house and bring up a son is wrong. Who in
that case should find a job for the son, who should take care for the
future of the son in a country where otherwise there is no future?

Ruben Gevorgyan must know our country well enough.

Several weeks or months ago, we learnt that Eduard Madatyan’s
(nicknamed Curley Edo) son wants to become a member of parliament.

Earlier we had learned that the authorities are going to appoint their
sons as judges. Here is another expression of virtue. Sons, daughters,
daughters-in-law and sons-in-law are gradually acquiring a core role
in the government of Armenia.

Evidence to this is the process of pushing sons and daughters to
parliament, other evidence is the process of uniting their sons and
daughters in sacred bonds of marriage.

For its part, this is evidence to a feeling of hopelessness in the
Armenian authorities, hopelessness in time, which pushes the system to
strengthen the heredity core and genetic crystallization of the
system. This is the last hope of the government in the fight against
civil consciousness, constitutional awareness. The concept of
“insiders” no longer works, and only the concept of “relatives” is
left. Insiders no longer understand each other, and the government
feels that a dance of misunderstanding has set which will paralyze the
system. The only hope is that relatives will at least understand one
other, therefore this large and multi-branch process of
crystallization of the system of relatives has been initiated.

From: Baghdasarian

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