Bryusov Rector Views Government-Opposition Dialog As A Big Waste

Mаry Mamyan

August 25, 2011

Souren Zolyan, Rector of the Valery Bryusov University of Linguistics,
stated today that he couldn’t take the ongoing dialog between the
government and opposition HAK (Armenian National Congress) seriously
because the two sides essentially have nothing to negotiate about.

“One of the sides knows that it’s demand for snap elections isn’t
acceptable to the other, but the talks continue,” Zolyan said,
adding that under such conditions such meetings really should only
last five minutes.

The analyst said that there were many more substantial issues that
could be discussed.

Turning to the Karabakh conflict, Zolyan argues that the issue remains
unresolved since the parties involved, including outside mediators,
aren’t really interested in resolving it.

Zolyan said that Artsakh could only be transformed into a strong
state when Armenia’s economy improved.

He said it was senseless to wait for the proposals made by the
international community. Rather, our focus should be on developing
Armenia’s sagging economy.

Regarding the international recognition of Artsakh, Zolyan said that
Armenia must take the lead and press the issue from a political and
legal standpoint.

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