Jazz: Tigran – A Fable


Jazzwise magazine

Aug 23, 2011

The major part of this majestic solo piano album highlights the New
York- based Tigran’s rediscovery of the ancient folk music and poetry
from his Armenian origins that’s been a feature of his playing since
his debut as leader in 2006.

That was the year he also won the prestigious Thelonious Monk Piano
Competition Award. Tigran has revealed previously all the passion and
fluidity of his jazz chops a la Chick Corea, notably on the 2007 New
Era trio album alongside the vigorous rhythm section of the Moutin
Brothers from France, and also on NYC drummer Ari Hoenig’s recent
Lines of Oppression. But the new release A Fable has much less of a
traditional jazz leaning, rhythmically it’s coming out of folk dance
and classical music rather than swing, even when Tigran touches on
the jazz standard repertoire with a minimally elegant version of
‘Someday My Prince will Come’.

All the rest are originals inspired by Armenian medieval hymns,
poetry and folk song and the elegiac, prayerlike minor eastern themes
are sometimes reminiscent of the double bassist Avishai Cohen’s as
is Tigran’s singing sideline involving wordless scatting and even
some whistling. But Tigran’s exquisite touch, concentrated poise
and imaginative, romantic shaping of themes reveal someone who is
entirely capable of capturing the magic of a solo concert hall piano
performance. The more you listen, the more this recording casts
its spell.


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