BAKU: Armenia Is In Deplorable Condition – MP

Aug 16, 2011

Armenia is a vassal state ruled by others.

In other words, the Armenian government does what it is instructed
to do from outside.

The remarks came from Mubariz Gurbanli, deputy executive secretary
of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party and member of the Azerbaijani

The deplorable plight in Armenia has affected also its psychology
and morality. The patrons of Armenia need to put pressure on it in
a bid to ensure resolution of the Nagnorno-Karabakh conflict.

‘Armenian media claims that Armenia should not accept Russian President
Dmitry Medvedev’s proposal. The question is do Armenians have a power
to resist the Russian policy? Can they avoid principles put forward
by Russia? They will not dare to do this. Armenians can do this only
on media. All this shows that not only economy, but also morality,
psychology and world outlook of Armenia are in deplorable condition,’
the NAP official noted.

As to impact of internal situation in Armenia on negotiating process,
Gurbanli noted that Karabakh issue serves as a barometer of Armenian

In short, the Karabakh policy is a matter of life and death in the
country which is associated with the Armenian way of thinking. This
is another sign of Armenianism, the MP added.

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