Ministry of Culture Says Kecharis Construction is Illegal

Ministry of Culture Says Kecharis Construction is Illegal

18:48, August 12, 2011

An official at the RA Ministry of Culture has confirmed to Hetq that
the construction of a restaurant in the proximity of Kecharis
Monastery is illegal.

In a lengthy response to Hetq reporter Ani Hovhannisyan, who recently
wrote about the restaurant construction, Serzhik Arakelyan, temporary
director of the Monuments’ Preservation Agency at the Ministry of
Culture, said that the ministry has found a number of violations
pertaining to construction norms and procedures.

Mr. Arakelyan, in his response, also confirmed that the ministry has
verbally ordered a halt to the construction and has suggested that
another site be selected for the restaurant.

The official said that the contractors and owners of the enterprise
must submit an architectural plan that satisfies all conditions of
building on a historical site if they want to continue at the present

From: Baghdasarian