Any Restriction On Baby Names In Armenia?

Aug 10, 2011

YEREVAN. – Name and surname, given from the very birth, are to identify
people. Names have ancient origin, while surnames appeared later and
became hereditable.

Armenians usually call the newborn by the name of the grandfather or
grandmother. It is interesting what names Armenians prefer. According
to Civil Registry Department, Armenians prefer traditional names.

Newborn boys are usually called David, Narek, and Arthur, while girls
are usually called Mane, Anahit, and Ani. There is no law in Armenia
prohibiting to give the newborn certain names. Parents have right to
call them as they desire, even by names that are ancient or out of use.

However, many states have censorship for names. For example, names as
Mission, Lucifer, Adolph Hitler, Mister and some others are prohibited
in New Zealand, The Daily Mail reports.

Armenia does not have a censorship for names, while its neighbor
Azerbaijan has. There are three categories of names in Azerbaijan:
“allowed,” “undesirable,” and “prohibited.” No comment is necessary
for the first group. The second group includes funny and bizarre
names. The third group refers to Armenian names.

From: A. Papazian

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