Aravot: Prime Minister Tells About His Family

12:45 06.08.11

The paper claims Armenia’s Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan has
dismissed press reports that his wife and children do not have
Armenian citizenship.

On his Facebook account, Sargsyan wrote that all the members of his
family are citizens of the Republic of Armenia.

“It could not have been otherwise. Under our law a child whose parents
are RA citizens [automatically] obtain RA citizenship,” Sargsyan wrote.

Further, he said that his daughter, the elder among the children,
was in 1985 in Yerevan but lived for several years in Spain where
Sargsyan’s wife taught Russian at a local prestigious university.

After the termination of her contract they returned to Yerevan.

Sargsyan’s daughter went to an Armenian school. Later she got married
and lived in Moscow for three years and is now back to Yerevan.

Sargsyan also has two sons – Abgar ad Markos – who were born in Spain.

Upon returning to Armenia Abgar now goes to an Armenian school,
while Markos attends kindergarten.

Sargsyan also wrote that he met his wife in Saint Petersburg when he
studied there.

From: A. Papazian

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